2nd Period
“Antiparastaseis” for string quartet and tape (2003)

“Parastaseis A, B, C, D” for tape (2003 -2006)

“Let’s talk about it” for tape (2006)

“SIM4 (System In Motion)” for tape (2007)

“Qui c’est?” for tape (2012)

“Metalogi” for tape (2014)

First Period
“3b” for bassoon and tape (1996)

“Dancer / Danger” for clarinet, trombone, cello, piano and tape (1997)

“Bay b” for vibraphone and Ircam’s ispw (1998)

“Zer01 Minute” for tape (1998)

“Ipo” for tape, (1999)

“Diadromi I” for 7 wind instruments, percussions and electronics (2000)

“Ades” for tape (2000)

“Visitor” for guitar (2001)

“Pneumon” environmental electroacoustic work for tape (2001)

“Metaphysis” for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone and marimba (2002)

“Dorian Dance” for piano and bassoon (2002)

Early Period
“Anthropoi ton tsimenton” for voice, electric guitar and tape (1989)

“Olle” for guitar and percussions (1990)

“6 Notes I” for piano et 2 cellos (1991)
“6 Notes.II” for clarinet, saxophone and flute (1992)

“Trapezi” for tape (1993)

“Parallilo” for small orchestra (1995)


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