1984-1992 Degree of classical guitar (class of E. Asimakopoulos) at National Conservatory of Athens.
1991-1994 Degree of music theory  (class I.Ioannids)  Nakas Conservatory of Athens.
1993-1994 Electroacoustic music composition (class Henri Kergomard) at KSYME of Athens.
1995-2000 Diploma of Composition and Computer music at Conservatoire National Supèrieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon, France (class P. Manoury, M. Stroppa, D. Lorrain  and R.Pascal).
1998-2000 Musicology of 20nth century music (class R. Pascal) CNSMD de Lyon.

1995-2000 CNSMD de lyon: Phillipe Schoeller, Allain Gaussin, George Crumb, Klaus Hubert, Peter Eötvös, Gerard Grissey, Ivan Fedele, Michaël Lévinas, Jonathan Harvey, Gilbert Amy, Michael Jarrell, Francois Bayle, David Wessel, Miller Puckette.


“Honorable mention” in the II International Electroacoustic Music Contest of Sao Paulo (CIMESP 1997 Brazil).
2nd Price in the National Composition Contest “Papaioannou” (Athens, Greece 1998).
Finalist in the II International Computer Music Competition Pierre Schaeffer 1999 (Pescara,Italy).
Finalist in the International Electroacoustic Music Contest Art’s 2001 (Valencia, Spain).
Laureate of the Grame/EOC Composition Contest 2002 (Lyon, France).
Finalist in the International Electroacoustic Music Contest Miniaturas Electroacusticas 2008 (Huelva, Spain).
Winner of the Sonoport International Sound Logo Competition 2015 (Singapore).


International Computer Music Conference ( ICMC’99 Beijing, China )
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2001 Havana, Cuba)
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2003 Singapore)
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2005 Barcelona, Spain)
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2007 Kopenhagen, Denmark)
International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2010 New York, USA)
Australian Computer Music Conference ACMA ’98 (Fitzroy, Australia)
Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2001, 2002 (SICMF, Korea)
11th Annual Florida Electrocacoustic Music Festival 2002 (USA)
Festival Acousmatique International «L’espace du son 2001» (Bruxelles, Belgium)
Cambridge Digital Arts Festival ( CDAF ’99 England)
International Youth Music Forum 2003 (Kiev, Ukraine)
Biennale d’Art Contemporaine de Lyon 2003 (France)
“Primavera en la Habana” Festival International de musica electroacoustica 2004, 2008 (Cuba)
4th Annual Electroacoustic Music Festival 2004, Santiago (Chile)
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2005 (USA)
CIME Electroacoustic Music Festival 2006 (krakow, Poland)
North Carolina Computer Music Festival 2008 ( Raleigh, USA)
Australian Computer Music Conference 2008 (Sydney, Australia)
Sound and Computer Music Conference 2008 (Berlin, Germany)
FrammentAzioni project 2008 (Udine, Italy)
ÉuCuE xxvii – 2008 (Montreal, Canada)
Un Twelve 60×60 2010 (Chicago, USA)
60×60 Vermillion mix 2010 Brasilia, Brazil
60×60 Vermillion mix 2010 60×60 (La Pampa, Argentina)


CNSMD de Lyon ( 2)
Hellenic Foundation for Culture( 3)
Ministry of Culture of Greece ( 8)


Athens Concert Hal
National Centre of Music Creation of France (Grame)
Ministry of Culture of France


1992-1994 Classical guitar at Eumousia Conservatory (Athens) and Euvoiko Conservatory (Chalkida).
2002- 2009 Music technology at AKMI  IVT in Athens.
2010 – 2013 Lecturer in music technology at AKMI  Metropolitan College in Athens.


2014- Various projects as audio restoration specialist, audio post production engineer and sound designer.


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